Intimate Encounters


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This resource offers something for every marriage relationship.

  • A time-tested and honored marriage-building resource from Dr. David & Teresa Ferguson.
  • A practical guide to discovering the secrets of a really good marriage.
  • Practical help to make good marriages better, and hope and healing for troubled relationships.

Whether you want to prepare for getting married, improve a good marriage, or rebuild a troubled relationship, Intimate Encounters gives you the tools you need to find the closeness you desire

Customer Testimonials:

My husband and I studied this book in a homegroup from our church. It helped us beyond imagination. It helps you to lay down a firm, unbreakable foundation for your marriage whether you’ve been married for a week or 25 years.

This workbook is a great tool for couples to delve into intimacy issues and deepen the bonds in their relationship. It has made a tremendously positive impact on my own marriage and that of others I know who have used the book. If your spouse is not particularly interested, you can still benefit greatly by doing the exercises yourself and it is also a wonderful resource for groups of couples who desire to work on the intimacy issues in their relationship. The format allows for both personal reflection and interpersonal interaction and includes some great ideas on how to put what you have learned into action. I highly recommend this book both for married couples and for those contemplating marriage!


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